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It’s Summer Time!
So the Summer break is upon me. What do you think I’m going to do? Work of course! And play. I have programming to do, and all manner of other work which I intend to complete. I hope not to stop for a moment during my break.
Of course, a Summer break would not be complete without a little travel to some rather…important places in my life. ;-) We’ll see if something cannot be made to happen there. All the more incentive to work hard!
I also intend to spend the Summer time using my writing instruments to their full potential. With a set of dip pens, great ink, wonderful paper, and wax seals that work terrificly, I’m all set to let myself fall into a perpetual cycle of writing letters! So if you feel like you want a letter from me, just drop a line and you will probably have one heading your way. I love to keep this dying art alive!
It’s Summer time! I guess that means it’s play time, right? Well, I can’t forget that I have things that need doing. I can’t slack, not for a moment!
Hopefully I can still make time to spend with my family and those who are close to me. It’s a harder thing to do these days, but I know that it’s worth it.