Something about Me
About Myself
Name: Aaron W. Hsu
Gender: Male
Age: 20 years old
Birthday: October 17th
Status: In a relationship
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Education: In Progress
School: UMSL
Major: East Linguistics/CS
Religion: Conservative Christian
Political Views:
Constitutional Conservative
Instant Messaging: (Jabber)
Books: Bible, The Silmarillion, Corean Chronicles, Lord of the Rings, Pride and Prejudice, The Scarlet Pimpernel, many non-fictions
Writers: Tolkien, L. E. Modesitt Jr., C. S. Lewis, C. Gordon Olson
Quote: No one wins when Freedom fails. / Good men rot in filthy jails. / And those who cry, "Appease! Appease!" / are hung by those they tried to please.
Food: Any and All
Travel Desinations: China, Alaska, Singapore, Scotland/Ireland, Switzerland
Principled Idealist, Dreamer, and a Thinker
Some things are better experienced…
Still, if you must know something about me, I will oblige. I am a deeply rooted intellectual with high minded ideals and principles. I stand very much on the side of conservative politics, and I believe it the duty of every citizen to take an active role in the government of their nation and any more minor levels of governance. I hold the family up as one of the chiefly significant entities of a proper society, and believe that such an entity is unique as the first ordained institution of Man by God. I am a Christian, though I can claim no allegiance to any denomination. I have dreams, and I intend to fulfill them, God willing.
It is hard to really know exactly who I am, but I think that is true of everyone. In general, you’ll find that I side very much with reason, though intuition is always respected. On the other hand, Faith stands above all these, and blind faith below all.
I am currently a full-time student and happily involved in a serious relationship.
The Old Me
For those of you interested in seeing what some of a computer geek’s first limping moments were online, then you can check out the links below, which contain some of my oldest recorded interactions that I could find on the web. You should search the text of these pages for “Noorah.”
I believe my first interactions online started with petty web design and Blender use after receiving my first laptop. This was a time of mostly passive interaction, until I began to research Free Operating Systems in hopes of discovering a replacement for my then Windows 98 SE system. These logs pick up some time after my first research into Free Operating Systems, as you can tell by my speech that I have already spent a little time working and using these other operating systems.
In the end, it is very difficult to recover or find any of my first works out there on the ‘Net. I hope that some day my searching will grant me the pleasure of happening upon some of these older works, but I seriously doubt it.