My stuff
Merging the old traditions with new technology. I love to work with the old media, but enjoy blazing new paths.
Essays, Articles, and Other Writings
Programming Projects
Habit 3
A small demo application to show off Magic and Heavy DOM/AJAX programming. Done mostly for my own practice, it is useful as a time management tool (calendar) for myself.
Scheme48 on OpenBSD
I maintain the Scheme48 Port of OpenBSD. If anyone has any questions, please direct them to me.
(Note: If you are concerned about the version of Scheme48 in ports (v1.3), please realize that SLIME48 only works with this version, and a flavor has not been added for the newer version. If someone would like a port of the newer version, e-mail me and I will see what I can do.)
NN Newsreader on Slackware
I maintain the Slackware port of NN. Please contact me with bug reports and requests/comments.
Other Projects/Code Snippets
I have at various times designed various forms of code snippets that may or may not work now, and may or may not be useful to anyone.
aac2oogg ( aac2ogg.tar.gz )
Bobby ( bobby.tar.gz )
iTunes Song List → HTML ( itsl2html.tar.gz )
Pegasus Mail → Standard Mbox ( pegasus-convert-file.tar.gz )
Standard Mail → UNIX Mbox (  mmail2mbox.tar.gz )
Roach ( roach.tar.gz )
Sticcs ( sticcs.tar.gz )
Reviews and Critiques
Scheme Language Mode for NEdit - Syntax Patterns, Smart Parentheses Macros, no Smart Indenting
Xdefaults.txt file for Mac OS X to help integrate X11 into Aqua