Sacrificum Deo

Programming, Philosophy, &c. by Aaron Hsu


Welcome to the main Web presence for my creations. Currently, I am in the process of rennovating large and significant portions of my online resources to streamline delivery to my ardent fans. For those of you interested, you can find out more about this process below.

This website intends to provide content most suitably delivered via HTTP. It will primarily serve as a landing/index portal to provide desirous seekers with the means of accessing my works, writings and other potentially entertaining, but largely unpopular creations.

I am married to the most beautiful lady in the world.

This site is designed with correctness and compatiblity in mind. If you discover any errors with this site, please contact me.


  1. Main Archives
  2. Versioned Repository
  3. Galleries/Multimedia
  4. Links
  5. Contact Information
  6. Old Site Versions
  7. Copyrights and Distribution

Main Archives

The majority of my writings, essays, code packages, programs and other miscellaney (including a short biography) are located on my Gopher Server. This provides for easy distribution, easy updating and the server itself is written in Scheme.

Firefox currently supports Gopher servers, as does lynx. You may find that your browser already can see gopher repositories. If it cannot, there are a number of good browsers out there. If you just want to get there quickly you can use this gateway.


Versioned Repository

If you are interested in projects that I work on which change or have changed over time and need to be tracked with some kind of versioning, you can see these projects on my CVS server. This includes the current development of my programming projects (the latest and greatest) as well as the change histories for some of my projects which I don't work on so much anymore. You have two options:


if you use opencvs.

CVS Modules of Interest

uni/scribbler Library for Scribbler + Fluke Robots in Scheme
uni/simon Partially Implemented, Slow Text Clustering
lib Scheme Libraries for Chez Scheme
goscher Goscher Scheme Gopher Server


  1. My Wife's Blog
  2. Abort73
  3. The Law by Frédéric Bastiat
  4. Chez Scheme
  5. MIT/GNU Scheme
  6. OpenBSD - Free Operating System

Contact Information

Email me at I have been known to hang out in #scheme on Freenode IRC as arcfide. You can probably also find me on Usenet quite often.

Old Site Versions

I have a number of old sites that I have taken down in the past in favor of newer versions. For the sake of those who still want them, they have been re-instantiated:

  1. Pre-Summer 2007 (XHTML)
  2. Summer 2007
  3. Pre-Summer 2008

Copyright © 2008 Aaron W. Hsu. All right reserved unless otherwise noticed. Please contact me if you wish to use my works.

This site is hosted on an OpenBSD machine and provides access to resources written in Scheme. It was written using traditional tools such as nvi and was designed to be viewed under any browser.