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Chez Sockets

Aaron W. Hsu  <>

26 July 2012


Current Version
Threaded 64-bit Linux
Literate Code (PDF)
Project Site

Chez Sockets is a full-featured, extensible, BSD sockets library for Chez Scheme. It is designed to be Schemely, full featured, and layered to enable both high-level usage as well as low-level sockets work. It is portable across Windows and UNIX machines as well as 64-bit and 32-bit machines.

This system was inspired in part by the rants of Taylor Campbell, the existence of scsh's sockets abstraction, and the general need felt by the author for a good sockets library that is easy to use, but also powerful enough to be a complete drop in replacement for BSD sockets.

The system was designed to work as a compiled library that could be extended without the user needing to hack the source code directly. However, the source code is written in what the author hopes is a very clear, literate style that should allow easy understanding of the code and the approaches used. It would be suitable for a source level exposition on sockets and FFI programming in Scheme.

Important Notes

The current version is the first version released under the ChezWEB 2 framework. Please note that some features that should exist in this version do not, such as support for non-threaded versions of Chez Scheme. The author is working to rectify these minor issues.